The American Thyroid Association states that 1 in 8 women will develop a thyroid disorder, and women are 5 to 8 times more likely than men to develop thyroid problems.

These are just the numbers of people diagnosed, but many are going undiagnosed. Why? Because clinicians have different views on what to test for, when to test and sometimes just ignore women’s concerns about their changing health.

I bet you know someone who has a thyroid disorder, or maybe you have one yourself, right. And for women over 40, the rate of thyroid disorders increases.

So, what’s stress got to do with it your thyroid?

When our brain is getting triggered by stressors, it releases something called Corticotropin Releasing Hormone, CRH.  When CRH is high, it actually inhibits thyroid function, specifically Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. With less TSH, your thyroid is producing less of the active thyroid hormones that keep all of your metabolic functions in check.  

Result? Possibly hypothyroidism, which looks like weight gain, brain fog, brittle nails, dry skin, decreased libido, constipation, inability to concentrate, insomnia and menstrual irregularities.

I’ve made you a video to explain the basics of this and what I think you REALLY need to know!

I talk about the science behind how stress negatively affects your thyroid function in this video as well as why many women are going undiagnosed. I also talk about what to ask for when you get tested and why you may run into resistance. You can watch it here:

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