Why we need to advocate for our health as women

Why we need to advocate for our health as women

This topic has gotten a lot of press recently. I want to discuss it from another perspective, that of the why behind it.


Thousands of unnecessary treatments, surgeries are offered and done on women daily. Many women are not given full informed consent, meaning that ALL of the options available to them are not even offered.  Women often have to make decisions about their health under distress, and often alone.  Many women feel powerless in the decision making process because of the way the options are presented, if at all.


So, the why behind what I do, and how my women’s health practice has evolved over the last decade is about these choices. I chose to become a Western Medical Provider as well as a Holistic Health Care Practitioner.


Why? Because I wanted to reach MORE women…and I have been able to. I tried to fit myself into the system to change it from the inside, but I never felt I could TRULY serve women the way I believed they deserved from within. I made a valiant and long go of it though.


So, I’ve broken out. I need hour long visits to give transformational coaching and teach women about their bodies, and their options. I need to not be accountable to anyone but myself and the woman I am working with.


I choose not to have an administration telling me how long I get with each woman, and how many I need to see in a day. That never felt authentic to me.  


Call me old school, call me “inefficient.”  I saw a system radically failing women and their health, and I chose to take a circuitous route around it.


We must advocate for our health, our right to the healthcare we choose, and all the options available. We need this for us right now, and we need it for our children.


Just yesterday, I showed this example to my children while in a dental office. It was a first visit to this office for my children’s dental cleanings as we have recently moved.


I was asked at the front desk if I had made my decision about  2 treatments/screenings for them. I had been asked previously on the phone when I made the appointment, so the receptionist was checking if I had made my decision.


I told her that I declined both treatments/screenings for them and went on to complete the new patient paperwork. I knew this was not the norm, and felt it might cause a “stir.”


Ten minutes later, she approached me in the waiting room and said the reasons why the dentist always does them. I told her I was aware of their purpose and still declined. I then told her if he was unwilling to have his assistants clean their teeth because I declined, I would go elsewhere.  I spoke in a firm, but professional and calm way.  I asked if I could personally speak with the dentist.


So, long story short, they were able to get their teeth cleaned, and the dentist very willingly talked with me personally after their cleanings. I presented my views and told him I respected his and it was actually a really great conversation.


I told my kids in the car afterwards that they must always advocate for their health and what they want. I told them that they always have the right to question anything, and they should.  


I gave them another example of when I didn’t advocate for my rights when I was pregnant with my son in one circumstance because I was too afraid at the time because of the circumstance.


I share this today in hopes that you know you’re not alone, that you have every right to question, to ask for a second opinion and to walk out if necessary.


When we honor what feels right for us, we hold on to our power. And if there has been circumstances in the past when you felt you weren’t able to advocate for yourself or feel bad about it now, I invite you to extend compassion to yourself.  I have done that multiple times and continue to just say to myself “I did my best in that moment.”


My work now is to help women with their most under-addressed health needs in a holistic way. I combine my 19 years of training and continual studying of the most evidence-based approaches so that I may serve women in the way I believe all women deserve.

With my heart,

Adrenal Fatigue: Do You Have It? What Are the Signs? How to Treat Them?

Adrenal Fatigue: Do You Have It? What Are the Signs? How to Treat Them?

Waking up and feeling no incentive, no inspiration to get out of bed and start the day may sound like a normal everyday occurrence; but, what you may not know is that it could be a sign of issues in the inter-workings of your body. You may think you just have sleep issues or that you are worn out and tired. You suddenly feel tired in the middle of the day and just pass it off as too much accumulated stress.

No! This way of life shouldn’t be the case and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Women everywhere tend to overlook these signs. When in reality, they may be symptoms to a budding medical condition. A medical condition that feeds on lack of motivation, overwhelming stress, and chronic fatigue: I’m talking about Adrenal Fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is a much more common condition than you might think. The idea is that exhaustion within the adrenal glands causes a lack of cortisol hormone production in the bloodstream, which in turn causes extreme fatigue.

Let’s take a look at what exactly adrenal fatigue is; and, why is it so important for women to know the signs today!

Taking A Look at Adrenal Fatigue as A Medical Condition

Now, Adrenal Fatigue is not officially recognized as a medical condition or disease. It is observed as a pseudo-condition which is wildly educated upon, but cannot be further proved at this point in time. However, many medical professionals still advise patients on how to deal with its very real symptoms and reactions.

Much like any other ailments, there are notable symptoms, causations/correlations, and treatment methods. All of these we will talk about later…

Some professionals tend to believe that adrenal fatigue runs hand in hand with post-menopause stress and accommodation; while others believe that it is a condition simply caused by a malfunction in hormone production in the liver and various glands. Either way, it is obvious in the medical world and the everyday woman’s world that adrenal fatigue causes real problems for real people; and, it needs a proper solution.

Spotting the Symptoms

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue range between a variety of physical and mental aspects; however, there are a few more common signs. These are the items that have been seen constantly throughout the recorded cases of patients with adrenal fatigue:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Inability to sleep / insomnia
  • Trouble finishing tasks
  • Lingering Stress (Physical, Emotional, and/or Mental)


Each of these symptoms can have a heavy effect on the production of cortisol, as it slows the progression of chemical trade-off. The proper chemical hormones in the body does not recognize or differentiate the need for cortisol in the adrenal glands; thus, it stops sending and producing it efficiently. This leads to constant bouts of fatigue, which then leads to the inability to fall asleep and a lack of motivation to get up and be active in the morning.

As this fatigue begins to spiral downward, it becomes harder for the person to properly finish tasks and goals. With a lack of motivation and lack of proper rest, the body begins to slowly give out and become heavy and tired all the time. And sadly, all of these symptoms and physical reaction connect back to the leading symptom of adrenal fatigue, stress.


Dealing with Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

As the body encounters everyday bouts of stress and anxiety, the adrenal glands let out a healthy dose of the hormone, cortisol. Women who have adrenal fatigue, however, have a lack in release of this hormone, causing stress to build to intolerable levels until it cannot be dealt with at all.

In this situation, it is positive for women to understand that their bodies produce lower levels of cortisol on a daily basis. Sufferers can usually aide in relieving a part of this stress by adding mediation, deep breathing, and/or mild exercise to their daily routines. Having a time set aside of clearing the mind and destressing the body, gives off a happy feeling in the brain that releases serotonin. This hormone counteracts the cortisol not being distributed in the body by leaving them happy and content, so there is no focus on unwarranted stress.

Some other methods include surrounding oneself with essential oils and a peaceful environment. Both seem to also do the trick of shutting of stressful thinking in the brain while also relaxing the tense buildups in the body from lack of good sleep.

Lesser Known Symptoms

Although, it is rather unanimous that the leading cause of adrenal fatigue is stress, there are a few lesser known symptoms to also look out for.

Here is a quick list of signs to look out for:

  • Body aches (particularly in the back and chest)
  • Lightheadness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar
  • Craving salty snacks constantly
  • Sudden lowered immune system health
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • Newly formed allergies
  • Anxiety / Anxiety attacks and episodes
  • Depression


Seeking Treatment

Sadly, adrenal fatigue can be a little hard to treat nowadays. More often than not, destressing methods are used to cope with the condition rather than cure it.

Here are some successful methods of treating adrenal fatigue:

  • Practicing meditation / yoga / deep breathing daily
  • Planning your days and tasking by top productivity/prority
  • Creating obstacle situations which force you to get out of bed (such as setting an alarm without snooze and placing it far out of reach)
  • Walking outside during the day for minimum 30 minutes a day

These methods have been shown to work with many other women living with adrenal fatigue; however, it is important to choose a treatment method that not only makes you happy and healthy, but one that is also safe for your body and your mentality overall.

I’ve been working with women with this condition for years.  I’ve recently been incorporating a very potent medicinal mushroom formula into my client’s lives and this has made a tremendous difference in how they feel.  They report feeling like their brain fog is gone, they can get up in the morning without difficulty and have sustained energy during the day. And the sleep, oh, the ability to sleep is the big one!

If you’re interested in learning more, please leave a comment or reach out to me directly.

Staying Aware

Knowing the signs of adrenal fatigue and how to try and decreases your levels of stress, is only the beginning of the process. This condition may not be medical proven yet, but there is an obvious correlation that keeps it being researched and trialed today. This condition is rather common among women from ages 30 to 60, so it is important to know what you can do to prevent it.



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Getting in Touch with Desire

Getting in Touch with Desire

I was at a point a few years ago where I felt totally out of touch with my true desires and pleasure. I didn’t feel like I had the time and I had lost touch with this part of myself.

Between work, being a mama, and all the responsibilities that held, I didn’t know how to connect with myself the way I used to be able to.  And, this affected everything…my mood, my body, the choices I made, literally everything.

What happened to change it all?  I learned specific practices and techniques to connect deeper to pleasure and to putting my self-care and self-love first. Gasp! First!! How selfish! Or maybe you’re thinking, “that’s great for you, but I can’t do that, there are too many people depending on me, too many things to do!”

If you are thinking either of those 2 things, then I challenge you to read on, because tapping in with pleasure and desire are EXACTLY what you need to manage all those hats, and keep all the balls in the air, with more ease and joy.

Now, my life is filled with tapping in with my body, my desires, my pleasure on a daily basis. And you know what, the world did not stop, the dinner still gets on the table, the kids are still taken care of. In fact, all of this is done with more ease, more attentiveness, more pleasure.  Really.  And sex?  Well, let me just say it is a lot more juicy, spontaneous, and my desire is higher than ever.


The first step in getting in touch with desire and pleasure is to identify what your desires are and speaking them out loud, and writing them down.


When we desire to tap into pleasure or just to amplify our desire, we first have to identify what would give us pleasure and what help us tap into our desires.


Here’s an exercise for you:

Write down what’s in your way right now? What are the obstacles to you tapping in or receiving your desires?

What has kept you cycling in a pattern that isn’t serving you?


Is it lack of perceived time for yourself

Not asking for help

Taking on too many responsibilities

Feeling overworked

Distraction—using your precious energy to watch TV programs that help you zone out


Now take some deep breaths in and out slowly, and put your hands on your heart;

Ask yourself how you would FEEL, what are the sensations, if these things were not in your way?

Continue breathing until you can feel into your heart (use your “mind’s eye”) and see what your desires are—they are layered underneath all the “stuff”, the “shoulds,”, the “guilt”, and the barriers. Feel into the SENSATIONS that arise.

Continue your breathing as you tap in with these desires, and really feel them move in your body.  Your breathing may change, your sensations may shift.

Imagine light streaming into your heart center, or whatever feels right to you.


Take a moment after this exercise to reflect on what came up.

Write these desires/images/wisdom down in the present using “I AM”  For example: I AM….abundant in my life’s work. I AM…full of sexual desire for my partner.  I AM so comfortable with my body.


At first these may feel false when you start to write them down. This is resistance.  Go through it. 

Then, be truly brave, and speak these desires outloud.  YES!! OUT LOUD.

This is how you change what resides in your body.


Hit reply to this email and let me know if you did the exercise, what did you discover or if you got stuck with any part! I’d love to hear from you!