How to Have a Breast-Gasm

How to Have a Breast-Gasm

When I first heard the term “Breast-gasm” I didn’t really believe in it.  I didn’t think it was possible to experience enough pleasure through the breasts to have waves of pleasure that would cascade into anything resembling an orgasm.


I was all for it, but didn’t think it was possible for me. Just those who’d reached even higher levels of sexual awareness and those who had an advanced ability to move energy through their body.


Then, I made it an intention to experience this level of pleasure through stimulation and awareness of my breasts.


But, why should you even want to experience a breast-gasm? Beyond the obvious, well, orgasms are good stuff!  


When we connect in a deeper level with our breasts, we are actually connecting on a deeper level with our own hearts and our self-love.


Besides lying on either side of our heart-chakra, our breasts can absorb and also magnify and transmit energy.  How we care for them and relate to them can affect how we relate to all aspects of our life–our self-image, our vitality, our sexuality, and our relationships.


How to cultivate more pleasure and breast-gasms:


Begin with sending love through your hands to your breasts. With your minds eye, begin to see white light filling your chest, and seeing each cell inside your breasts illuminate with this light.


On your bare chest, begin to massage lightly with the palms of your hands, using your favorite skin-friendly organic oil (jojoba, olive and coconut are my favorites). Start with massing down on the outside of breasts, circling up and between the breasts, over the top and again and again SLOWLY in this circular motion.  When it feels right or after at least 9 circulations, reverse the direction of your massage.  You are not massaging your nipples at this point.


Start deepening your breathing. Breath in for a count of 4 with your inhale. Exhale with an open mouth for a count of 8.


Once you’ve deepened your breath, begin to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles up with every inhale, and release them fully and slowly during the exhale.


Once you feel in the rhythm of the massage, breathing and squeezing/releasing, you can vary your massage to include your nipples.


Make sure you have some oil still on your hands and experiment with what feels most pleasurable to you. You can use a feather touch, rolling between your fingers, a pulling motion (outward from margin of areola to tip of nipple), or whatever feels pleasurable.


Let yourself deepen into your breath, make sure you open your mouth wide on your exhale to simultaneously release your pelvic floor.


Ride the waves of your breath, your squeeze and release of your pelvic floor muscles, and feel into the sensations that come up. Ride this for at least 5 minutes or longer.


Release any goal of pleasure release or climax. Relax into the feelings of your hands on your skin and nipples.


The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle

Why is it so difficult to relax into pleasure some times?  What keeps our mind spinning and us unable to tune in with bodily sensations?  Sometimes it flows and you find yourself so present in the moment and enjoying every sensation. Other times it feels like an invisible block.


This happens to all of us, some more frequently than others.  I believe from my own experiences and that of hundreds of women I have talked with that the underlying root issue lies within pleasure.


The pleasure principle is that to have ease with pleasure, we have to invite pleasure in more frequently.  She doesn’t want to be an uninvited guest, or feel like a third wheel.


In order to bring pleasure in, we may have to add her to our calendars.  But, if you pencil her in, you betta show up! She doesn’t like to be dismissed.


But, why is it so hard to make time for her?  This modern world is stripping something that is essential to the core of our well-being, our vitality, and happiness.  Time for play, time to be in the moment, time to experience the pure awe of being alive.

I’ve made it my mission to learn how to dance with pleasure so intimately and teach others to do so.  Why?  Because it is fundamental to healing any physical or emotional blocks, illness, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, stress.


And, because it a journey that is constantly evolving for me. There was a time in my life I felt so mis-aligned with my path, so out of touch with my inner strength and power that I sought help from a therapist and used anti-depressants.


I now can look back on that time in my life and see I was missing my dates with pleasure.  I am a driven woman—and it is easy for me to get so wrapped up in what I am striving for that I forget to breathe and enjoy.


As we are often called to teach what in essence the hardest lessons were for ourselves, we then become the mentors.  We become the guides to show others along the path that we have so painstakingly had to find.  We make it easier for those who would like to travel the path to do so with direction, ease, and a hand to hold.


I will be unfolding more about tapping into pleasure in the weeks to come. This is my life’s work.  This is my calling.


This week, I’d like you to do an inventory of pleasure in your life.  How often do you invite her in?  In what forms does she show up for you?  When does she slip in and you realize you are smiling, you feel at ease, and a lightness enters your body/mind/spirit.  If you are feeling disconnected from her, then just start journaling about what lights you up.  A good orgasm?  A bath with candles?  A great erotica book?


Remember, there is no agenda with pleasure. This is a deep dive into accomplishing nothing.  It is in fact when we LET GO OF THE DOING that she arrives.

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With much love,

Taoist Breast Massage for increased vitality, breast health and sexual wellness

Taoist Breast Massage for increased vitality, breast health and sexual wellness

I’ve recently incorporated a practice into my life that I think you should consider adopting as well! Regular breast massage, an ancient Taoist tradition, can be a wonderful addition to your overall vitality, breast health and sexual wellness!

Stimulating the lymphatic tissue around our breasts can prevent stagnation and encourage fresh blood flow to the area. In the Taoist tradition regular massage of the breasts and surrounding tissues is recommended for preventing Chi and physical debris from accumulating in the lymph, thus preventing disease, cysts and lumps.

Moving the lymph is key for healthy circulation everywhere, but especially with our breasts. We have a plethora of lymph nodes, or collection areas in the area of the armpit and around the collarbone. Lymph contains white blood cells and continuously cleans and filters the tissues around the breast.


This massage practice is also done to stimulate hormonal production and is one of the first steps in cultivating sexual energy. It is often done as preparation before Yoni Egg practices (more on that coming soon!).  

It is simple, and quick practice you can bring into your daily life.  In fact, right in the shower is an awesome time to perform it. Treat yourself to an essential oil infused natural soap and breathe in the essence of the scents while tuning in with the feeling of your hands slipping over your breast tissue.

This practice is so empowering! It helps us to get in tune with our sexuality–and body wisdom.  This 3 minute practice can start changing how your relate to your body, your core vitality, and your breasts.


Breasts are amazing.  They are able to transform fluids into the perfect food for babies. They not only nurture our babes, they are connected to our entire pleasure network.  Honor them, nourish them.  In many traditional cultures, it is believed energy can be transmitted through the breasts.


I was privileged to learn about the energetics of the breasts from Rocio Alcaro, an Ecuadorian ethnobotanist and healer. Rocio educated us about her work with plant medicine and the energy women store in their breasts, including negativity, anger, and suffering to name a few. She also told us that not only can we store this energy in our breasts, but we can absorb negative energy through our breasts as well, almost as if it is a magnetic point in our body.


We as women need to work with moving the energy in our breasts.  There is much toxicity in our world, and we as women, are especially vulnerable to this.  However, there is so much power within us to create, transform, and begin anew.  LET’s start with our breasts, shall we?


This simple but profound massage stimulates the nerves of the nipples and breasts. It can release powerful hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine.

It has also been noted that regular practice can both increase both fullness and buoyancy of the breasts by strengthening suspensory ligaments and muscles.  


Use herbal infused oils or herbal creams to enhance the health benefits of your breast massage. Good old olive oil or coconut oil is fine as well.

I found a lovely breast massage cream by Herbal Revolution called “For the Love of Breast” this summer and it makes me want to douse myself in its heavenly scent. The texture is perfect and it is infused with such as chickweed, plantain, dandelion, lady’s mantle and other breast and lymphatic plant allies.




You can perform this seated as described below (this is the traditional instruction). However, our lives are very full as modern women–feel free to do in the shower while standing as well for regularity of practice.

Seated:  Sit on the floor or with a cushion below your bottom in a cross-legged position.  One heel rests against the opening of the vagina, with a gentle pressure on the clitoris.  The other foot rests next to the shin. You can use something between the heel and vagina if it is difficult to move your legs into this position.

Warm your hands by rubbing them vigorously together to gather Chi (energy).

Lightly rub in upward and outward circles. The hands travel together up the inside of the breasts toward the face, then outwards, downwards, inwards, and upwards again, circling the outsides of the breasts. Lightly move your hands over the breasts in a skimming movement.

It is recommended to do this movement for 36 repetitions.  Then repeat for 36 times, moving in the opposite direction.

Tune in with the sensations generated.  Connect with your breath.


It is recommended you practice this daily, or at least several times weekly for maximum beneficial effects! Enjoy!!

With love,